Assistant Chief Constable Emma Ackland

Originally from Warwickshire, Emma Ackland joined Gloucestershire Police in 1994.  There she worked predominantly in uniform roles with emphasis on Local Policing.  In 2010 she was promoted to Superintendent and worked as a Local Policing Commander in rural and urban areas of the force.  In addition, she was lead Officer for Gloucestershire Police’s Force Control Room and Operations Department. 

In 2015, Emma transferred to Gwent to take up her new challenge as the Chief Superintendent, Head of Neighbourhood Policing and Partnerships.  She was appointed as Temporary Assistant Chief Constable in January 2017. 

Within Gwent, the Assistant Chief Constable has Forcewide responsibility for Criminal Justice, Custody, Data Management, Neighbourhood Policing, Special Constabulary, Volunteers, Cadets and Protective Services.

She also leads the response locally for the national Strategic Policing Requirement for Gwent Police, operational policing performance and the tasking of resources to local policing demands.  She is the portfolio lead for the ethical application of Stop and Search by officers, Engaged Communities and is Chair of the Connect Gwent Victim's Hub Board, working closely with the Hub Co-ordinator to provide excellent support services for victims.  She is a keen advocate for equality issues within policing.

An accredited Gold Public Order and Strategic Firearms Commander, Emma also has a degree in Sports Science and Recreation Management. 

Emma says: ‘Throughout my career I have been committed and passionate about making a difference, both in terms of strengthening Police relationship with the public and improving services.  I love the outdoors and used to enjoy playing many sports. These days I am an active watcher rather than participator, particularly cricket and rugby, a passion I share with my husband and son’.

Email: [email protected]