What is Prevent?

PREVENT is part of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy, CONTEST.

CONTEST is made up of what we call ‘the 4 Ps’:

  • Prevent
  • Pursue
  • Protect 
  • Prepare

Prevent is about safeguarding

PREVENT works with partners to identify any individual or community that may be vulnerable to extremist influences and seeks to intervene.

  • Prevent does not target individuals or specific communities
  • Prevent does not discriminate against individuals or specific communities
  • Prevent does not seek to gather intelligence on individuals or specific communities

Terrorism exists in many forms, and happens for many reasons. People are often vulnerable to negative influences because they are socially isolated or have other difficulties in their lives. PREVENT seeks to make sure that the right support surrounds that person in order to stop them becoming involved in any extremist activity. In Gwent, this is achieved through the CHANNEL project. CHANNEL helps to safeguard adults and children from being drawn into terrorism. It is about early intervention to protect and divert people away from the risks they face.  The programme uses a multi-agency approach to protect vulnerable people by:

  • identifying individuals at risk 
  • assessing the nature and extent of that risk
  • developing the most appropriate support plan for the individuals concerned

Support may include:

  • Anger management sessions
  • Constructive pursuits
  • Educational skills contact
  • Careers contact
  • Family support contact
  • Health awareness contact
  • Cognitive/behavioural contact
  • Drugs and alcohol awareness
  • Mentoring

Pursue: the investigation and disruption of terrorist attacks;

The purpose of Pursue is to stop terrorist attacks, both in this country and against our interests overseas. This means detecting and investigating threats at the earliest possible stage, disrupting terrorist activity before it can endanger the public and, wherever possible, prosecuting those responsible.

Protect: improving our protective security to stop a terrorist attack;

The purpose of Protect is to strengthen our protection against a terrorist attack and reduce our vulnerability. Our priorities are informed by an annual National Risk Assessment which assesses the threats we face and any vulnerabilities we may have. 

Prepare: working to minimise the impact of an attack and to recover from it as quickly as possible

The purpose of Prepare is to mitigate the impact of a terrorist attack when that attack cannot be stopped. This includes work to bring a terrorist attack to an end and to increase our resilience so we can recover from its aftermath. An effective and efficient response will save lives, reduce harm and aid recovery.

CONTEST and PREVENT in Wales are co-ordinated by the Wales Extremism & Counter Terrorism Unit (WECTU). Each of the territorial Police forces of England and Wales have appointed officers within their organisations who have responsibility for the delivery of Prevent.

Notice, Check, Share 

What should you do if you are concerned about someone you know?  

Where we NOTICE something that causes concern, we all have an immediate circle of contacts – work colleagues, managers, friends or family with whom we can CHECK our concerns in order to understand them better. This will also help you think about who you can SHARE this information with. If you are not sure who you can check or share your concerns with, you can always contact Gwent Police or one of our CHANNEL partners:

  • Community Safety Local Authority
  • Health and Mental Health Services
  • Probation service
  • Youth Offending and Youth Service
  • Employment & Training Service 
  • Children & Adult Services 
  • Education Service
  • UKBA
  • Housing

What might I notice?

There may be a number of reasons for you to be concerned about someone. These may include: 

  • Becoming increasingly isolated from friends or family
  • Associating with known individuals or groups that have extreme views
  • Posting extreme views on social media
  • Mental ill health or drug/alcohol problems worsening
  • Making threats or expressing negative views towards a particular group of people 

Who do I contact?

If you would like more information about PREVENT, or have any concerns you would like to discuss, please contact our PREVENT Officer: 

PC 1323 David Castree

Prevent Engagement Officer

Gwent Police

Tel: 01633 247 941

Mobile: 07464 653 020