Inspector Amanda Thomas

Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Amanda Thomas, who covers the Abertillery, Brynmawr, Ebbw Vale and Tredegar area

It has been a busy few weeks here in Blaenau-Gwent with some excellent work being conducted by my officers and staff.  It has been a pleasure reading some of the emails sent to me by members of the public, neighbouring Forces, a local hospital and police colleagues in relation to my team that highlights their professionalism, empathy and commitment.  This is an extract from one of those emails from a victim of crime:

“I highly appreciate everything they done for me that day as they not only helped with the incident, they showed endless amounts of concern regarding the incident and other problems that have recently gone on, they took the time to listen to all my worries and concerns and even offered the best advice for me for the future.  For me, this is something I will never forget as it was so soothing to be able to open up and feel comfortable in the hands of the police”

Everyday my staff deal with incidents that are traumatic, dangerous and upsetting yet there are still individuals in the community that think it’s okay to assault my officers.   I will not tolerate this and those persons will be dealt with promptly and appropriately. 

As you have probably seen on Social Media, there have been reports of anti-social behaviour on the towns of Abertillery and Tredegar.  In relation to Abertillery, I have issued a number of Dispersal Orders over the last few weeks.  Myself and  PS Pigeon conducted foot patrol recently and engaged with this group of children.  It is clear that the majority of them are not committing any offences and we will work with them to look at opportunities to engage them in sport / activities.  However, there are a small cohort that refuse to engage, they are known to local police and we continue to liaise with Positive Futures, Youth Offending Service and Local Authority Housing to deal with these individuals.

As for Tredegar Town Centre, the number of reported incidents to Police are relatively low compared to other areas.  However, I have increased foot and mobile patrol when able at key times in the evenings and in particular after licensing hours.  We are planning smaller Operations to look at nuisance vehicles on the town and we are going to continue with licensing monitoring throughout Blaenau-Gwent.

In the New Year we will be enhancing our partnership working so that we can readily share information and tackle issues more promptly and effectively.

Another piece of great news is that Blaenau Gwent Council Members have agreed for the CCTV system to be upgraded in Blaenau-Gwent.  Again this is an example of the partnership work between key partners that has secured this agreement.

There has been a dramatic increase in Vehicle Crime, in particular Transit Style Vans and Fiesta ST vehicles being stolen.   A number of Industrial Units have also been targeted where vans have been stolen.  This is the mark of organised criminality and I urge anyone that has information in relation to any of these crimes to contact me / my team or ring Crimestoppers anonymously.  This group are targeting your community and the livelihood of hard working people within it - let’s stop it now!  

Our Neighbourhood Enforcement Team continue to deliver, a number of Drugs Warrants executed for Class A and a Cannabis Cultivation located.  Three persons have been arrested for No Bail warrants and a number of vehicles taken off the road for no insurance. We have continued to tackle drug related activity and recently had some great results in stop searches on individuals and vehicles in relation to Class A Drugs.  A number of Drug warrants have also been executed of which two have been cannabis cultivations.  This proactivity is key – any intelligence in relation to Class A Drugs please continue to report it to us.

Our community engagement enhancing and working with our young people is crucial.  The success of the cadet scheme is growing in momentum and numbers.  The cadets throughout the Force are working and volunteering and I am proud to be part of this scheme.  Our very own Blaenau-Gwent Cadets have been volunteering at local events, delivering key messages to the public, clearing gardens and more recently giving sweets to children at our Halloween Grotto at Brynmawr Police Station which was a huge success.

We have also recruited a number of Public Service Volunteers that are working extremely well with our cadets; keeping them motivated and professionalising the scheme.

Mini Police in Blaenau Gwent has also been launched at Blaen y Cwm Primary, this is a great initiative for the children and they looked adorable in their little outfits.

I would also like to introduce Rafi Abbas from Blaina, he is a volunteer and has a unique story to tell in relation to his journey to Britain and the fantastic work that he has done for the community.  He and his wife are committed to helping out young people and ensuring that there is community cohesion.  Rafi has been appointed Chaplain for Gwent Police – Blaenau Gwent.  Welcome Rafi!

We continue to welcome new Student Offices to the section, including two Special Constables who will be an asset to my team.

If you have any information that can assist us in the fight against crime, please see my details.  My neighbourhood Sergeants PS Pigeon and PS Briggs.

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Inspector Amanda Thomas