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Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Sarah Greening, who covers the Abertillery, Brynmawr, Ebbw Vale and Tredegar area

Hello all, I trust this blog finds you all well and you've been enjoying some of the recent sunshine, it looks like spring has finally sprung. 

Last month saw the launch of the Joint Emergency Services station at Abertillery, we now have Police, Fire and Ambulance under one roof. This has created a great opportunity for working in partnership to tackle some of our local problems. The local teams have already been conducting joint patrols with the fire service in the area.

The teams ran an open day to promote the new station which had a great attendance from the local community. This was a great opportunity to meet some of the local officers, take a closer look at some of the equipment we use and also to have a photo in some of the vehicles with the sirens blasting.

Unfortunately, as the weather starts to improve around Easter time we start to see an increase in grass fires. The damage to the local countryside and the risk to individuals and local wildlife is huge, please help us tackle this issue together by raising awareness of the dangers and report any issues through 101.

The team have been busy dealing with an increase in youth related disorder around the Town Centre at Ebbw Vale. This has resulted in a small number of criminal offences including public order, criminal damage and more recently assaults. Several arrests have been made and a number of young people have been referred into the anti-social behaviour process with our partners. 

Yesterday two of our PC's were assaulted in the course of their duty.  These are simply officers who have come to work to protect the public and do their job.  Thankfully both were left with minor injuries only and two people were arrested in relation to this.  The team will continue to patrol this area and work in collaboration with our partner agencies in order to tackle this problem and bring offenders to justice.  If you have witnessed any incident please work with us to reduce this problem by ringing 101 and reporting what you have seen.

We ran a doorstep crime campaign at Blaenau Gwent just before Christmas, highlighting awareness of the ways in which criminals will try and trick you into entering your home.  Please be reassured that the number of these offences are low in this area but we can all heed some simple crime prevention advice in order to make our homes secure against these types of criminals.  I was saddened to see that we had another report this week in the Tredegar area, so we can still do more in passing out the message to our friends, neighbours and relatives, encouraging them to keep their properties secure.  If you know of any groups of people who would benefit from a visit from our local teams to discuss this further please get in touch.  We also work closely with our crime prevention panels who may be able to further assist. For more information on this scheme visit Doorstep Crime in our advice section.

Finally, officers from our Area Support Unit carried out a two day road safety operation in the area earlier this month. A number of checks were made on vehicles to ensure that they were safe to be used on the roads.  The operation was a success with over 30 vehicles stopped and checked.  Five people were reported for having defective tyres and lights, three people were arrested for various traffic related offences and four vehicles were seized for various offences.  The team will continue to run further operations in the future.

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Inspector Sarah Greening