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Spring is here and this is going to be another busy year for events in Caerphilly South; with the Champions League in Cardiff we will be seeing some events in our area that my staff will be assisting with.

You may have noticed the media campaign about the changes in legislation regarding the use of mobile phones when driving.  The fine is now £200 and 6 penalty points. Also if you have recently passed your test, your license can be revoked. If this isn't enough to deter you then repeat offenders could face a £1,000 fine and a 6 month driving ban. It is a dangerous practice and if you are distracted from your driving you could cause an accident which could seriously injure or even kill.

We constantly receive complaints about this and many seem to think that if they don't have the phone against their ear they are ok. The fact is, this is not the case. We made a video a few years back called COW, its on You Tube and it's worth taking a look as it is really impactive and highlights the dangers of using a phone when driving.

Along with members of my staff I had the pleasure of policing the visit by HRH the Duchess of Cambridge last month. Although it was raining and cold a number of well-wishers turned out to see her and they were rewarded when she came over to talk to them.

Recently, I was asked to comment on the reports of vehicles gathering in Asda car park and in the opinion of some residents, acting in an anti-social manner with examples of loud stereos, loud exhausts, erratic driving etc. The terms being used 'Car Cruisers' and 'Boy Racers' (Interesting to read a comment on social media that this term is sexist as some are female drivers; fair point!)

I have read the comments on social media with interest and it is clear that there are those who feel there is no issue with the gatherings but others complain of noise and feeling intimidated.

Whatever your viewpoint on this, I would ask those involved to think about the way it is perceived by others within the community who may be more vulnerable. My staff are in discussions with the management at Asda and we are looking at the situation as a whole.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to welcome another new Police Officer to the station; PC Aaron Steverson joined us at the beginning of February, Welcome.

That brings this month's blog to a close, I will be back next month...

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Inspector Andy O'Keefe